I'm David, an artist, producer and project manager, working collaboratively to make art, develop artistic practice and creative projects.

I have over 15 years of experience in developing live arts, installation, audio and screen-based work.  

As co-founder and Artistic Director for Figment Arts, I work with artists and communities on moving image, visual art, installation and film projects. I strive to affect a positive change in society with the work I do, representing people with honesty and respect.

I have created grass-roots artist-led projects from scratch and co-created work across many communities, and in my previous work as a senior arts manager with Carousel, I’ve grown and led an international film festival and a wide variety of personal and professional development projects with a range of talented individuals. 

A graduate of the Clore Leadership programme, I’m restless and I thrive on the variety of experiences, people and skills that my work brings to me. 
An experienced fundraiser, and with a wide knowledge of the UK arts and film sectors, I use my passion for access to art and creative experiences for all as my driving force.  

If you feel the same and want to work together, email me at david@parkerdavid.co.uk

Organisations and clients that I have worked and collaborated with