The Project: Lost Memories – Gary Thomas

A multi-screen video installation, LOST MEMORIES, draws on Gary’s experience of being a carer to his mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease. Mixing documentary phone footage with fictional sequences, Gary seeks to convey the texture of lives that revolve around the confusion of dementia and the demands of caring, as well as the moments of clarity and joy that frequently punctuate it. Lived experience that is largely hidden.

‘I’ve often used my own life as inspiration for my writing and my work in film. Being me, when my mother was diagnosed, I began recording & filming moments of her life that we shared together, both the good times and the difficult emotional times, some in audio, and some as film. I suppose I wanted a record of it, without knowing whether anyone else would see it at all’.

My Work:

Initially working with Gary to help manage and coordinate the project; liaising with others involved in the film production, identify exhibition opportunities, help to schedule and plan the activity and to offer creative feedback and thoughts on the film as it came together.

After organising and reviewing the large body of archive mobile phone footage, my role developed to include editing and ultimately shooting responsibilities.



We produced a deeply personal and unflinching portrait of Gary’s relationship with his mother as she moves through an Alzheimers diagnosis and into care.  I supported Gary to apply for Fabrica’s Making Space programme, which led to a residency in March 2022 to create a video installation of the film, and present the work to an audience for feedback.

Gary Thomas

David was instrumental in allowing me to make this work. For any disabled artist, even with 'hidden disabilities', it hard to keep having to state your access needs constantly to every person you might be working with.

David started by being a 'sounding board' on what the installation might be, what it might look like, and then when opportunities arose, like with Fabrica, he was able to communicate clearly on my behalf (especially one the phone) but also in the room.

As the project progressed and technology - adobe crashing! meant I couldn't edit, David turned out to be the perfect person to take over.

This film installation is incredibly personal, and having another eye on the film, putting it together with my instruction and original thoughts, meant that the work was completed without the need for me to watch too much of my own journey - that in some part I was still going through.